Individual + Team Coaching

“If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive.” – Audre Lorde 

Can you relate to this quote? Though I am a leadership and executive coach, many of the people I work with don’t want to call themselves leaders. Because they have seen patterns of harm and abuse by leaders before them.  And they don’t want to replicate those patterns. But if people don’t step up to do leadership differently, to claim leadership as something they can hold and share with others, who is going to change the narrative of what leadership looks, sounds, and feels like?

“Instead of viewing the world through a thick lens—that is, as analysts of social problems—we must view it as a mirror of ourselves. This involves the practice of self-reflection and exploration of who we are as individuals and how we contribute to the world we wish to create.” – Shawn Ginwright

What are you reflecting in the world, or even just your organization or team? Are you reflecting the change you want to see? Or the patterns you’re resisting?

Coaching with me goes beyond setting goals and achieving them. Great possibility exists for you, as well as the people, organizations, and communities you lead, when you can connect to your own presence.  When you can show up from a place of center and wholeness, aligned with your values, you are more readily capable of making sound decisions even in uncertain waters and meaningfully connecting to others to engage from places of wisdom and care.

Whether our coaching relationship is focused on developing you as an executive, leader, or professional, or focused on building a more cohesive and effective team, our work will be values-centered, and draw from mindfulness, emotional intelligence, integrative intelligence, well-being, inclusivity, and so much more.

Contact me to find out how a coaching program might be right for you.

“The job of a leader has always been challenging, but living in a fast-paced world makes it even more challenging. The unique value leaders bring to our organizations comes from our ability to step back and consider the whole picture. Only then can we come up with new creative solutions to challenging and complex problems. The conversations I have with Bryn help me think bigger and more creatively. Sometimes, just one single question she asks helps change my perspective and open up new possibilities. She also is a role model for a life well lived, and I think this helps her bring a unique and expanded set of skills to the table. In short, I’m a better leader because of the support I get from Bryn. Thank you Bryn!”

– Jessica DeGroot, Executive Director of ThirdPath Institute

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