Community Leadership Accelerator

2024 Cohort runs from April 2024 through October 2024. Meet our 2024 Cohort! To be notified of future opportunities, sign up for the newsletter.

  • Do you wish you had a community of peers to explore how leadership could look differently?
  • Are you maybe even reluctant to call yourself a leader because you haven’t experienced the kind of leadership that you want?
  • Are you wanting to connect to your own wisdom and power and become more intentional in your leadership?
  • Are you ready to share power with others in ways that interrupt oppressive power dynamics and build compassionate, inclusive, and equitable relationships?
  • Can you imagine stepping into mindful, relationship-oriented leadership in a bigger way in your community and/or organization?

These times call for courageous and resilient leaders who can lead from a different, more sustainable, leadership model.  The Community Leadership Accelerator (CLA) is a program designed to develop diverse leaders who are grounded in their own leadership, can sustain themselves as leaders, value human connection and relationships, and can drive community change.

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Program Goals

  • To facilitate the sharing of the wisdom and strengths in the room and the building of a peer community
  • To build the emotional and social intelligence necessary for effective leadership
  • To encourage and support practices that restore, inspire, sustain, and empower community leaders
  • To explore power dynamics and engage with power to elevate relationship building and leadership sharing
  • To connect individual growth with systems and institutional change
  • To put learning into practice
  • To develop a pool (or pipeline) of community leaders who can drive change towards healthy, equitable, and resilient organizations and communities.

What you can expect

  • 6-month program with 20-25 participants from Arizona (and a few beyond)​
    •   3-day in-person opening retreat (April 17-19)
    •   4 virtual workshops (9-12:30 on May 17, July 19, August 16, September 13)
    •   3-day in-person closing retreat (Oct 23-25)
  • EQ Assessment and debrief
  • Practicum applying the principles in action, which culminates in a Leadership Memoir (required for completion of the program)
  • Two coaching sessions with each leader (one of which will be EQ debrief) 
  • Participation in peer application circles
  • Homework, including pre-reading, practices and assessments

Criteria for Participation
A leader/agent of change who envisions taking a greater leadership role, and 

  • Is forward thinking, open to questioning convention and open to possibility
  • Is ready to be more intentional and take a deeper dive in their own authentic leadership
  • Wants to connect to their own power and agency, and balance that with awareness/interruption of oppressive systemic imbalances
  • Has the capacity to commit to the program
  • Is energized by transformational learning and growth
  • Is interested in and/or already driving community change

Organizational cohorts
We welcome multiple members from a single organization to attend. Each individual in the cohort must meet the criteria above and have the intention to stay with their organization throughout the duration of the program. For the practicum, we encourage teams to work together (on at least one submission) to create change within their institution or community.

What People Have Experienced

“This is the training for the rest of us, the ones who jumped into the helping fields based on passion and drive but maybe without the MBA or MA. This is a solid base in leadership skills, terminology, ideas, and in relationships for the leaders that the future requires. Ones that have heart, drive, talent, and communication skills to meet the challenges of the world as we find it and to build the world we want to see. One of compassion, wholeness, and equity.”

“I would describe this program as life changing because there is so much a young professional can gain from it. There is also the great value of sharing a space with other community leaders with diverse experiences that can help inform our own.”

“I would highly recommend this program to others who are looking for tools to help them on their path of becoming leaders as well as refresher for those in leadership positions. This program is valuable in that it teaches you to look introspectively at yourself in order to see what strengths and potential weaknesses you possess that can have bearing on your effectiveness as a leader, while simultaneously offering tools and strategies that can help to support these qualities. The comradery established during group sessions and the network of leaders in our community is invaluable.”

“Immensely invaluable. I walked into it wanting to get one thing out of it; instead, I gained so much knowledge in all aspects of leadership. It was more than I thought I would get out of it.”

“I think the program has huge value for our community. When I think of the minds, hearts, and energy of the people in my group, and all of the projects, organizations, and efforts being stewarded by these incredible folks, I feel grateful that this program and partners are creating resources to support leaders.”

“I honestly thought it was incredible. By the end, I felt we had created a community of really dynamic people, coming together to work on individual and institutional issues.”

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