Concepts + Practices


Power is the ability to tap into your own vitality and presence, build and maintain collaborative relationships, influence others and make decisions, and cultivate power in others. By creating intention around power and how it plays out, leaders can create a culture where everyone “powers with”- rather than exerting control- “power over.” 

Emotional Intelligence

Leaders and team members who possess high emotional intelligence (EQ) are better equipped to understand and manage their own emotions, adapt to change, and handle stress more effectively, which is especially important in today’s fast-paced and unpredictable business landscape. High EQ also increases empathy for others, leading to improved communication, decision making, collaboration, and conflict resolution. 


Mindfulness practices cultivate a sense of non-judgmental presence and awareness, allowing individuals to respond to challenges and opportunities with curiosity, intention and creativity. By incorporating mindfulness into the workplace, teams and organizations can create a culture that values well-being, resilience, and creativity.


People support and implement what they create.  They actively engage when the task in front of them is meaningful and connected to purpose. 


We aim to elevate what is known by inviting in the wisdom of the individual or group and then stretching beyond the known.  Connecting to possibility and building on existing strengths results in greater energy, momentum and belief that change is possible. 

Curiosity + Inquiry

Engaging from a place of curiosity enables us to gain a more complete picture of an issue, shift emotional reactions, truly listen to others, and build relationships. When individuals and groups use inquiry as a starting place for understanding and making decisions, they are more receptive to adapting, changing, growing, and trusting one another.

Community-oriented, peer learning

Leading and working for change takes great courage, and it can feel isolating doing it on your own.  Feeling supported by community, particularly peers who understand what you are facing, provides a sense of belonging, a source of strength, and great wisdom to learn from and grow with.  With intention, a sense of community can happen in almost any group or team.


We are each unique. We invite people to come to spaces as their full, integrated selves. We engage the whole person in learning and growing and meet them where they—by honoring and inviting in their unique perspectives, strengths, gifts, knowledge, and emotions.

Adaptive action

Big changes come as the result of small, focused steps. We orient towards a growth mindset, in which planning, action, and reflection lead to learning, whether or not they reach the desired outcome.  

“Instead of viewing the world through a thick lens—that is, as analysts of social problems—we must view it as a mirror of ourselves. This involves the practice of self-reflection and exploration of who we are as individuals and how we contribute to the world we wish to create.”

– Shawn Ginwright

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