Are we a good fit?

We will likely be a good match for each other if, in your leadership and/or organization, you are:

  • Inclined towards creating a more equitable, compassionate, healthy, joyful, and just community/world
  • Driven by a sense of purpose and having meaningful impact in life and work
  • Bring, or want to bring, deep caring and heart to your work
  • Want to live and lead from your whole, authentic self and make space for others around you to do the same
  • Believe that we are wiser and richer when we truly invite curiosity and many perspectives into conversation and decision-making

Are you ready to…

  • Take an honest look into yourself? 
  • Learn and practice tools and skills that help you be present with increasing complexity, fragility, and ambiguity in the world?
  • Shift from operating from default, conditioned patterns, assumptions, and practices that value productivity over people’s well-being?
  • Build courage to lead in alignment with your authentic self?

“You are practicing at becoming someone . . . a powerful question to ask is who in my work at present am I practicing becoming? Is that someone I actually want to become? Or am I practicing at becoming further and further away from myself?”

– David Whyte

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