Authenticity and integration

People are whole and resourceful beings, who have more to offer and live for than the roles they play at work or in their communities. We can live more vibrantly and show up more powerfully when we connect to what makes us unique and whole.

Curiosity and wonder

Approaching people and situations in front of us with the sense of a child, beginner, or student, allows us to open up to possibility and connect at deeper levels to ourselves, each other and the world around us.

Inclusivity and Autonomy

When we are able to express and draw from our own wisdom, background, and experience, we can willingly offer our gifts to others. When a culture supports autonomized people to come together collaboratively, so much more is possible.

Inter-connectedness and compassion

What drives this work is the ultimate desire to help people, including myself, connect to our common humanity and the world we live in so that we care for each other and find ways to support, heal and grow together

Trust and integrity

Vulnerability and courage require brave spaces to be uncomfortable, which in turn require non-judgement and confidentiality. I expect of myself and my clients that we are responsible for our own truths and accountable for our actions.

“This is the power of gathering. It inspires us- delightfully- to be more hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful: In a word, more alive”

– Alice Waters

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