About Gathering Elan

Why gathering? Gathering connotes collecting. Collecting ourselves and others, information and resources. We gather information, pieces of a puzzle or complex system, and data to inform and understand. We gather ourselves individually to recharge and restore, to sustain, find courage and strength, and face challenges. We gather in groups to celebrate, connect, support, build power, learn, inform, and, again, find courage and support. We gather to feed our spirits, energize and nourish, to build trust, to belong. We gather to feel our humanity and to feed our human spirit.

“I have come to the conclusion that it’s better to look forward: to gather the things we’ve learned and use our patience and perseverance and courage and empathy to care for each other and to work toward a better future for all people.” Sophie Blackall

Why Elan? Elan means Vitality. Passion. Enthusiasm. Spirit. Those are the things I am most passionate myself in helping people connect to and make change for. And, Elan happens to be my middle name.

“Perform with elan, brilliance and dash – at concert pitch.” – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

About Bryn

For 30 years, Bryn has been leading people who want to make change- in themselves, in their organizations, in their communities, and in the world.  Her commitment to contributing to  a world in which humans embrace each other’s humanity and the Earth they live on runs deep. She does this by helping leaders lead with intention, wisdom and heart.  

Bryn holds a Masters in American Indian Studies and a Juris Doctorate (law degree). Through her studies in and outside of school, she has delved into restorative and transformative practices like mediation, interest-based negotiation, restorative justice, and peacemaking. She is certified as a Professional Integrative Coach/Professional Coach (CPIC/PCC), EQ Assessor (CEQA), and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.  She is also trained as a professional facilitator. She is a continuous learner and has also studied the Enneagram, Nonviolent Communication, trauma-informed practices, anti-oppression practices, power dynamics, systems thinking, and strengths-based approaches. This broadness of perspective and capacity serves as a deep well to draw from for the leaders with whom she works.

Having led organizations from various positions, including CEO, Bryn understands what her clients experience. Her clients describe her as empathetic and compassionate, curious and non-judgmental, challenging and supporting, reflective and insightful, transformative and trustworthy. She has also been described as creating safe, inclusive spaces where inquiry and listening leads to clarity and action.

Bryn was identified early on in her life as a leader and never much questioned that until she had her first son and felt like she was showing up as a different kind of leader as a new mother. At the time, she was heading up an organization, and after maternity leave, sought resources to dig deeper into this new undefined sense of leadership.  She couldn’t find any. She had no models around her to show how to lead differently than what she’d seen before her. She heard repeatedly that she shouldn’t talk about being a mom and couldn’t be trusted to do work from home with her baby there.  Struggling against expectations defined by others, she left her position and started her own business to support leaders, executives, and organizations who wanted to change the status quo.

Bryn coaches executives, leaders, and change agents who are looking to grow personally and professionally, lead whole and integrated lives, co-create trusting relationships, and connect to their own authentic power. Bryn also coaches leadership teams and leads peer-coaching groups that help advance executives’ thinking, leadership, and action. She co-leads the Community Leadership Accelerator, a leadership development program for leaders and change agents in Arizona working for social change. She partners with the Third Path Institute to support leaders who want to lead integrated lives and create workplaces to support others to do the same.

Outside of work, she is a Mom to two boys, who give her the incentive to live up to the person they believe her to be.

“Bryn knows how to cultivate and hold safe space and this makes it possible for everyone involved to grow, together. Bryn brings humor, humility, and imperfection which makes her relatable and totally wonderful to work with. Bryn is so authentic in everything she does, and in doing so, gives permission and inspires others to show up as and bring their whole selves too. It’s energizing. Working with her, I feel like I have someone to walk alongside me, cheering me on, and believing in me fully. That is a huge gift and I treasure it immensely. Also, she’s FUN!”

–  Emily Yetman, ED of Living Streets Alliance

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