Growing Community Leaders: Introducing the 2024 CLA Cohort

In April, we launched the 2024 Cohort of the Community Leadership Accelerator.  Twenty people from across Arizona, working in areas including food systems, justice, immigrant and refugee rights, literacy, youth development, government, and others, convened in Ajo, AZ, at the Sonoran Desert Inn and Conference Center to kick off a 6-month program to develop courageous … Read more

Leading through Hard Stuff

I have a client/colleague/friend who I’ve long admired (one of the great perks of coaching leaders who care about our world). She inspired me when she shared her practice of offering gratitude every morning by telling herself, “I get to do this hard work every day.” For her, leading through hard stuff is a motivator, … Read more

Navigating the Uncharted: A Leader’s Journey Towards Connection

In the realm of leadership, where responsibilities often seem to pile up, there’s a quieter struggle that many leaders face — the weight of loneliness. This unspoken challenge of leadership is especially true for those of you striving to lead with genuine care for both people and our world, challenging the norms that have long … Read more

Emotional Intelligence is Key

In today’s ever-evolving world, only 21% of global employees are engaged. This affects retention, performance, trust, well-being, or leadership development. If you’re like most organizations right now, you are experiencing challenges in one or more of these areas. Think about how many resources go into addressing those issues. The good news is that Emotional Intelligence … Read more

Announcing Gathering Elan

“You are practicing at becoming someone . . . a powerful question to ask is who in my work at present am I practicing becoming? Is that someone I actually want to become? Or am I practicing at becoming further and further away from myself?”  – David Whyte What are you practicing at becoming? If … Read more

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