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Alone a youth runs fast, with an elder slow, but together they go far.

— Luo proverb

Imagine for a minute what might be possible if… 

  • Your leaders and managers navigated challenges with grace, understanding, and resilience,
  • Your team was more cohesive and collaborative,
  • Your managers had highly developed change resilience in this high-stakes, rapidly changing, world of mission- and values-driven work, 
  • Your managers could handle the increased demands to care about and for their team members’ well-being,
  • Your leaders and employees felt valued, heard, and connected to what you’re trying to do in the world.

Welcome to a transformative journey for your mission—and values-driven team or organization. When you together focus your attention on the intersections of power, emotional intelligence (EQ), and mindfulness, you hold keys to increasing effectiveness, responding to rapid change, and integrating well-being into work. Integrating these concepts and practices can propel your mission forward while nurturing the growth and fulfillment of your team members.

Approach – What you’ll experience along the way

Every organization and team is unique, and Gathering Elan’s approach reflects that. With tailored programs we can combine assessment, workshops, coaching, and ongoing support to integrate power, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness into your organization’s fabric.


Gain a baseline understanding of individual and/or group EQ. Reflect on findings together and make a plan of action.


Engage your team with dynamic, interactive workshops designed to enhance understanding of power dynamics, develop EQ skills, and practice mindfulness.  Then, work together to shape how these take practical shape in the context of your mission. 

Leadership Coaching

One-on-one coaching strengthens team members’ ability to integrate what they are learning, providing personalized strategies for leadership growth and team empowerment.

Ongoing Support

Transformation is an ongoing process. Our support doesn’t end with workshops. We provide resources, follow-up sessions, and continuous guidance to ensure integration of these concepts and practices becomes a sustainable part of your organizational culture.

Invest in your team’s well-being and the success of your mission. Contact me to schedule a consultation and discover how our tailored programs can unlock the full potential of your mission-driven organization. Together, let’s create a workplace where purpose, resilience, and success coexist harmoniously.

“Carving out this space was significant and important.  This EQ (emotional intelligence) work allows us to be more embodied and authentic leaders for ourselves and our teams.  We are much more trusting and present with each other.”

– Liane Hernandez,  Director of YWCA Women’s Wellness, Empowerment, and Leadership Center

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