Executives + Leaders

Path One:
Executive Roundtables

  • Do you want to grow as a leader so that you can grow your organization’s impact?
  • Do you feel like few people can really understand the challenges you face in your position?
  • Would you like to have trusted, experienced, and knowledgeable peers to help you solve and face challenges you experience as the CEO or E.D.?

If you answered yes to these questions, then an Executive Roundtable might just be the right opportunity for you! Current opportunities exist in-person in Tucson and with enough interest, virtual opportunities can be added.

Imagine the value of delving into your toughest issues about:

  • vision and impact,
  • board and staff,
  • finances and sustainability,
  • changing internal and external social, political, and financial landscapes,
  • work-life alignment, and whatever else arises for you

with savvy, unbiased peers in a completely confidential setting. What could be possible for you? For your organization? For our community?

This is a RARE opportunity… In the for-profit sector, CEO Roundtables have been accepted for decades as one of the best ways to grow organizational leaders’ effectiveness. Such opportunities (especially affordable) are few and far between for non-profit CEO’s/ED’s, and even rarer for other members of the C-Suite.

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Path Two:
Executive + Leadership Coaching

What are you reflecting in the world, or even just your organization or team? Are you reflecting the change you want to see? Or the patterns you’re resisting?

Leadership is changing.  It is evolving from a traditional model of “power over” to a more inclusive and collaborative approach of “power with.” In the past, leadership often revolved around hierarchical structures, where authority and control were concentrated at the top. Even where those structures still exist, effective leaders recognize the value of empowering others, fostering teamwork, and co-creating solutions. “Power with” leadership emphasizes empathy, active listening, and shared decision-making, allowing individuals to have a voice and contribute to a collective vision. It shifts from a top-down leadership style to one that engages and supports team members, resulting in a more dynamic, adaptable, and equitable leadership paradigm that harnesses the collective potential of diverse voices and talents.

Coaching with me goes beyond setting goals and achieving them. Great possibility exists for you, as well as the people, teams and organizations you lead, when you can connect to your own presence.  When you can show up from a place of center and wholeness– from “power within,” aligned with your values and purpose, you are more readily capable of making sound decisions even in uncomfortable or uncertain waters. You can meaningfully connect to others and engage from places of wisdom and care, which gives you power to “power with.”

Whether our coaching relationship is focused on developing you as an executive or leader, our coaching will focus on you as a whole person.  Our work together will be values-centered, purpose-driven, and draw from mindfulness, emotional intelligence, integrative intelligence, power, compassionate communication, well-being and change resilience, and so much more. Any Executive Coaching package will include a 360 EQ assessment, which can also be available for other coaching programs.

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I have been a part of the CEO/ED Roundtable for close to 15 years.  This group has been a huge part of my development as a leader over the years and I encourage you to give it serious consideration.  Some have said they don’t have time.  My reply is, you can’t spend your time in any better way than at these sharing/learning/supportive meetings. I guarantee that you will be a better leader for it.  Bryn Jones is the excellent facilitator/leader of these groups.  I hope you will connect with her to learn more.

– Betty Stauffer, former E.D. of Literacy Connects

The job of a leader has always been challenging, but living in a fast-paced world makes it even more so. The unique value leaders bring to our organizations comes from our ability to step back and consider the whole picture. Then we can come up with creative solutions to complex problems. The conversations I have with Bryn help me think bigger and more creatively. Sometimes, just one single question helps change my perspective and open up new possibilities. I’m a better leader because of the support I get from Bryn.”

– Jessica DeGroot, Executive Director of ThirdPath

“Leadership is not defined by the exercise of power but by the capacity to increase the sense of power among those led. The most essential work of the leader is to create more leaders.”

– Mary Parker Follett

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